Group Programs

Elementary Group Workouts

This is a beginner level program that is designed to introduce and reinforce a variety of fundamental concepts in the areas of Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Rebounding and Defense.

Middle School Group Workouts

This program will concentrate on a wide variety of skill development that includes 1 on1 Offensive Moves, Attacking the Basket, Creating Space, Catch and Shoot, Passing and Overall IQ Development.

High School Group Workouts

This program is designed to improve overall skill development through repetitive drill sequences and simulated game situations. They are designed to help players develop a wide variety of skills such as Shooting, Ball Handling, Triple Threat, Catch and Shoot, Floor Spacing, IQ development and more.

Beginner Ball Handling Group Workouts

These workouts focus on the basic fundamentals of ball handling. Some of the skills that will be introduced and reinforce include: Dribbling with Both Hands, Proper Footwork, Protecting the Basketball under Pressure, Creating Space and Change of Speed.

Advanced Ball Handling Group Workouts

Our Advanced Ball Handling Workout is designed to help players become elite ball handlers. Through a series of drill sequences and simulated game situations players will develop advanced skills in all aspects of ball handling. These areas of development include: Creating Space, Effective use of Screens, Court Awareness as it Relates to Ball Handling, Managing Defensive Pressure and IQ Development.

Middle School Shooting Group Workouts

Our Middle School Shooting Workout is designed to expose players to all aspects of shooting. Some of these skills include Proper Form, Footwork, Spacing, Shooting off the Catch and Dribble. Players will learn through a series of drills with an emphasis on game related situations.

High School Shooting Group Workouts

Our High School Shooting Workout is designed to enhance a player’s offensive as it pertains to shooting. This workout will help improve a players overall scoring ability. This will be achieved through extensive drill work and simulated game situations to best prepare players for all types of defense. These emphasis on skill development will include, Catch and Shoot, Shooting off the Dribble, Attacking the Rim, Creating Space, Using Screens Effectively, as well as Recognizing when to Attack or Shoot.

Little Sports After School Program

Little Sports is a program designed for boys and girls grades K-6. This program gives children the opportunity to experience multiple sports so they can learn the skills and build a foundation for a future in sports. Some of the sports and games that will be included in our schedule are basketball, soccer, kickball, etc. At Little Sports, the focus is on fun for the kids and schedules flexibility for the parents.

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