Individual Training

Individual Basketball Training

Our Individual Basketball Training is designed to assist in the overall development of our players by offering a program designed to coach players based on their current ability. In these sessions, players will work on shooting, ball handling, footwork and offensive strategy. Players will complete skills and challenges that will advance them to the next level on the court. All players will be pre-tested and post-tested to aid in tracking their overall development.

Individual Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning Programs are designed specifically to develop and improve our players overall athletic power and explosion. Our trainers will achieve this through the use of Plyometrics. The type of training involves stretching the musclesbefore quickly contracting them to generate power. When used properly, plyometrics forĀ basketball can help you develop a solid strength base, increase your vertical jump, improve your speed on the court and hone your overall athleticism.

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